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Villars Music Academy 
Think, Feel, Play.


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Masterclasses, chamber music with the professors,  

mental training, physical coaching, talks.


Aline Champion

Founder and Director

Special guests

Conductor: Daniel Harding

Violin: Kolja Blacher

Viola: Antoine Tamestit

Cello: Alban Gerhardt

Cello: Gary Hoffman

Members of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Violin: Simone Bernardini, Aline Champion, Luis Felipe Coelho
Viola: Walter Küssner
Cello: Martin Menking
Coaching: Aline Champion

" I designed the Academy 

I dreamed of as a student.”

The Villars Music Academy invites talented young musicians to a one- week intensive musical and personal experience. Next to masterclasses given by leading soloists and members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Villars Music Academy also features classes designed through a holistic approach to promote personal development as well as shared values for tomorrow’s world. The stunning surroundings of Villars-sur-Ollon, a beautiful village in the Swiss Alps, provides a perfect place for inspiration.

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Testimonials 2022

"Thank you for this life changing experience. I am sure that everything I learned from this week will carry me through my whole life."

Gordon Lau

“ It was absolutely the best festival I have had in my musician life for now! "

Jiliang Shi

"A unique and inspiring week at the Villars Music Academy. Behond gratefull to Aline Champion for turning her vision into reality and guiding young musicians on their  path."

Ava Bahari

“My sincere gratitude to you for organizing such an amazing and inspiring festival. It is so crucial for us young musicians to have such an amazing support.”

Jiliang Shi

“I had an unparalleled week in Villars, thanks for the selfless experience. I brought me such a valuable experience and learning opportunity.”


“Feeling incredibly thankful for having this special opportunity to learn and absorb in this incredible surroundings.” 

Gordon Lau

"Villars Music Academy: great and unique."

Caroline Grün

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